• In-Ovation®

  • Your choice for a beautiful smile.

    We happily offer our patients In-Ovation System braces.

    In-Ovation is the latest in orthodontic technology, giving you a stunning smile without all the fuss of traditional metal braces. Compared to metal braces, In-Ovation is smaller, easier to clean, and involves less upkeep since you don’t need to have them tightened. They are made to be more efficient, comfortable, and better-looking than traditional braces. In-Ovation gradually shifts your teeth into alignment, making it easy to obtain a straighter smile.


  • A beautiful smile is faster and easier than ever!

    Depending on your desired results and unique orthodontic needs, you can have your In-Ovation braces off in less time than traditional metal braces. In-Ovation delivers outstanding results quicker than ever.

    With In-Ovation, you can have:

    • Quicker results
    • Fewer appointments
    • Fewer office visits
    • More comfortable
    • Enhanced teeth alignment and appearance

    Aesthetic Advantages For You

    In-Ovation has three types of brackets to choose from. You and your orthodontist will determine the In-Ovation bracket that best suits you and your specific orthodontic needs. Each one is made to be more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

    • In-Ovation® R is small, comfortable, discreet, and easy to clean.
    • In-Ovation® C uses ceramic brackets, making them nearly invisible.
    • MTM® No•Trace are invisible and have the ability to straighten your teeth in as little as a few months.

    To see if you are a good candidate for In-Ovation braces, call our team today at (208) 323-4800 to schedule your consultation.

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