• Forsus™

  • Efficient, Reliable Class II Correction

    The Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device helps align teeth, enhance the fit of teeth, correct overbites, and can potentially save you from needing jaw surgery in the future.


    We can apply your Forsus appliance in as little as one visit. It doesn’t get sent off to a lab, allowing you to begin treatment immediately. The appliances don’t require daily modifications because it is continuously and gradually shifting your teeth and jaw to their appropriate places.


    The forsus appliance has a unique design that doesn’t push into your cheek and attracts less attention than other Class II correction devices. The functionality of your mouth won’t be compromised and you will be able to eat and speak like normal. The forsus appliance doesn't require headgear. In fact, it's secured to the back of your mouth, making it discreet so no one will be able to tell it’s there.


    The forsus appliance is specifically made to be easy to clean and brush and has no spaces for food to get stuck in. You can also stick to your normal oral hygiene routine. The American Dental Association suggest individuals brush twice a day and floss once. Like other orthodontic appliances, avoid foods that can potentially harm your teeth and appliances.


    The forsus appliance works without you even noticing. It is constantly applying force to shift your teeth and jaw, making it easier than ever for you to obtain a straighter smile. This appliance functions well with braces and wires, so you won’t have to modify your treatment plan. 

    To learn more or to schedule your appointment for the Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device, contact our team today at (208) 323-4800.