• Diode Laser Treatment

  • Diode Laser treatment provides many advantages for individuals going through orthodontic treatment This special laser allows us to uncover more of your tooth by removing surrounding gum tissue. This is a safe and efficient way to improve the look and function of your teeth. The treatment is simple and it’s rare that we need to use needles. We place an anesthetic on the area of your gum tissue to make the procedure more comfortable.

    Ideal Bracket Placement

    If a tooth doesn’t surface correctly, or your gums don’t recede properly, we can use a laser to uncover more of your tooth. Once more of your tooth is exposed, we can put a bracket on it. We also use this approach to install TADs.

    Impacted Teeth

    Impaction occurs when teeth haven’t surfaced through your gums. Laser treatment allows us to expose the tooth without waiting months for it to surface. This can also save you from a costly surgery in the future.

    Aesthetic Gingival Recontouring

    After getting your braces off, we may suggest reshaping your gum line to enhance the look of your smile. Aesthetic gingival recontouring allows to reshape or lengthen your gum line and expose more of the surface of your teeth. Our team members use a laser to take off extra gum tissue and improve the look of your teeth. Aesthetic gingival recontouring can help you achieve an even, balanced smile by reshaping your gumline.