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  • Summer Treats and Braces

    During the summer months, roadside stands and carts at the farmer’s market are overflowing with natural, nutritious goodness.  Yet, if you wear braces, the fresh produce and crispy, crunch vegetables may not be as easy to eat as they once were.  Our Boise orthodontist staff loves this time of [...]

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    Are You Cleaning Your Retainer?

    For many, a retainer is the next step after braces.  The purpose of the retainer is to minimize teeth movement while the bone structure sets.  The most common mistake we see in our Boise orthodontist office is from patients who stop wearing their retainer prematurely.  Your teeth are no different[...]

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    Do I Need to Wear a Mouthguard?

    With spring in full swing, comes the rise of outdoor sports and activities.  Spring brings to mind golf leagues, tennis matches, soccer, and other less ‘high-impact’ sports.  Yet, it is important to look into whether you need a mouthguard or not.  As a Boise orthodontist in the area, we’ve [...]

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