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  • TMD: An Orthodontist's Perspective

    It’s common knowledge that our Boise orthodontist is known for creating beautiful smiles.  However, we also correct bite issues.  Often, a bite that isn’t properly aligned is a cause for TMJ pain or TMD.  Our goal with any patient is to eliminate the cause of their pain by finding a suitable [...]

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    Invisalign: What to Expect

    There are many different ways available to get straighter teeth; metal braces, clear braces, In-Ovation, and Invisalign are just a few.  Today we’re going to take a look at what to expect with Invisalign and the treatment plan set forth by our Boise orthodontist and staff.  We receive a number [...]

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    The Advantages of Adult Braces

    We are a species of self-preservationists, always looking to improve.  From the newest options in technology, to finding simpler ways to accomplish a task, we are motivated to make changes, adopting and adapting along the way.  Ironically, the same approach does not always hold true for us when it[...]

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