• Make the Most of Your Holiday Meals While Supporting Your Oral Health

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    Your Thanksgiving leftovers may be gone by now, but you may not realize how much they support your smile and your overall health. Our Boise orthodontist loves foods that are great for your teeth, and it brings us a smile to pass along these tips to you. We love it when our patients are healthy, and we know that this time of year can be challenging to keep your healthy lifestyle going, with all the holiday parties and abundant food and sweets offered. Rest assured, you and your family can really benefit from some of the holiday dishes. Here are some tips to make the most of your holiday meals while supporting your oral health:


    Add ingredients like celery, carrots, apples, oranges, or nuts to your stuffing recipes. These will keep it moist (softer on your wires and brackets) and full of nutrients. These ingredients provide plenty of Vitamin A, which is essential for saliva production and your digestive system. The saliva helps clear away excess food particles from your braces and helps break down the food to be absorbed easier by your body. Vitamin C is also extremely beneficial for your immune system. 


    It offers plenty of phosphorus, which helps support strong enamel, and bone and teeth growth. Turkey is also a lean protein, with fewer calories and fat than other protein sources. However, many of us are guilty of eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving or during the holidays. We eat more than a serving size, and the tryptophan that is absorbed gives us an overwhelming sleepy feeling, only further enhanced by melatonin and serotonin. When we eat turkey in moderation, this effect doesn’t happen as strongly and helps us feel full for longer periods of time, so we’re less likely to reach for extra dessert. The key is to eat in moderation, and you’ll benefit.


    While we’re on the subject, there are many recipes for fruit desserts that don’t call for added sugar. Pumpkin or apple pie has plenty of Vitamin C. As long as there’s not a ton of sugar in the recipe, it can benefit your body. Remember to brush after you eat pie, so the sticky goodness doesn’t stick your brackets or wires.

    Fruits and veggies:

    Fruit on its own is delicious… it’s nature’s candy! Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality internationally, and a great source of Vitamin C. If something more seasonal is in the cards for you, cranberries, green beans, squash, and pumpkins are all fruits. Who would have guessed? They are full of Vitamin A and C, which, again, are great for digestion and your immune system.

    Whether you’re attending a holiday feast or hosting one, there are plenty of options for healthy dishes that won’t set you or your orthodontic treatment back. Until your next scheduled tightening, remember to brush and floss and drink plenty of water to keep your nooks and crannies clear of unwanted food particles. If you liked these nutrition tips, check out our Facebook page. We frequently post other things that we think will support you to make the most of your holiday meals while supporting your oral health.