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    Happy fall from your Boise orthodontist team! ‘Tis the season for pumpkin everything. This is great news for your smile, as pumpkin benefits health Boise with a ton of essential vitamins and nutrients. The seeds are also considered a superfood due to substantial health benefits. The seeds also qualify the Cucurbitaceae gourd as a fruit of the pumpkin vine. 

    For thousands of years, since at least 5,500 BC, the Aztecs and Mayans have enjoyed pumpkins. England began to use pumpkins in the savory and sweet pies in the 1500s. It’s widely accepted that the early colonists broke bread and ate pumpkins with the Wampanoag tribe, which is commonly referred to as the first Thanksgiving. In the 1800s, Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday by President Lincoln. This holiday has become such a part of our culture that when one Connecticut town was facing a molasses shortage, they postponed the holiday out of fear that there would be a shortage of pumpkin pie. In the 1900s, canned pumpkins were introduced for convenience, and we still see the same product on market shelves today.

    Why Are They Healthy?

    Pumpkins could be shaped like a cornucopia, as they provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A from beta-carotene fights infections and strengthens the immune system. Healthy skin from the collagen protein and a source of natural sunblock both stem from its Vitamin C. Vitamin C and E can neutralize free radicals in your body and provide antioxidants, preventing aging and cancer. Vitamin E, folate, and iron support a healthy immune system as well. pumpkins provide more potassium than bananas do, and can help replace electrolytes. Potassium improves bone health by supporting muscle contraction, digestion, water balance, increasing bone mineral density, and maintaining healthy blood pressure. Together with calcium, potassium will keep your teeth strong. Various B-complex vitamins support healthy gums. The vitamins and minerals as a team prevent gum disease and gingivitis. 

    They have a high water content at 94% that acts as a mild diuretic, aiding in proper digestion and eliminating waste effectively. Dieticians recommend pumpkin for their ability to improve glucose tolerance and insulin, reduce blood glucose levels, and manage food cravings for a healthy weight. at 50 calories per cup, pumpkins are considered a low-calorie and nutrient-dense superfood.

    Pumpkin benefits health in Boise orthodontist encourages healthy food choices like pumpkin for your health: oral and overall. Your dental hygiene is just as important as the food you eat and the water you drink. Pumpkin can be delicious in any dish. Remember that pumpkin-flavored options typically have added sugar from syrups without the health benefits of the fruit or seeds. Roasted pumpkins are much more beneficial to your health than a latte. There will be an abundance of pumpkins available at the market this season, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment with your favorite dishes and reap the health benefits that Dr. Jon Miler encourages. Enjoy your pumpkin pie in moderation, and remember to brush extra to prevent any pumpkin particles from getting caught in your braces!

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