• Why You Should Start Orthodontic Treatment This Summer: 5 Reasons

  • Summer is an invitation for a vacation from your everyday life. Whether that means traveling or getting out of your comfort zone, you deserve to experience something new. Finally getting that orthodontic treatment you’ve postponed should be on the top of your list of things to do this summer. How fantastic will you feel when you return to your everyday life with progress toward your new and improved smile? Here are 5 reasons you should start your orthodontic treatment this summer:  

    1. Tartar and Plaque Removal 

    It’s common to over-indulge while traveling. Road trip snacks, open air markets, street vendors… there’s a plethora of sweets available during the summer. This sugar sticks to your teeth really well, which contributes to tartar and plaque over time, and eventually cavities if not taken care of. During your fist visit, your Boise orthodontist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove any buildup so that your braces stick better to your teeth. This also removes the current petri dish of bacteria in your mouth. Be aware of food particles getting caught in your braces. Take extra care when brushing and continue dentist visits twice annually. We’ll give you some pointers in between your dentist visits on the best ways to keep your teeth clean. 

    2. Adjustment Period 

    What do summer break from school, trips to the river, or out of town, skydiving, trying a new recipe, or checking out a new band have in common? They all give you a break from the demands of your normal life. You may have an opportunity this summer to take some time away from work or school. Use this time to adjust to your new braces. If your teeth are going to be uncomfortable, where would you rather be- laughing and smiling at the new memories you’re making, or in a classroom or office? The adjustment period will be much more pleasant if you’re already having a great time! 

    3. Time to Practice Cleaning 

    Finding out that there’s been food in your teeth after speaking to people… that’s a different kind of embarrassment. You’ll have plenty of time this summer to check your smile for rogue food particles, and to experiment with the best way to keep your grill clean. By the time you go back to your regularly scheduled programming, you’ll be a professional. 

    4. Accessorize  

    Now is your chance to accessorize your smile with a pop of your favorite color. Have a special event that you’re looking forward to this summer? Match your braces to your outfit! Get creative with your color choices and show them off. This is a golden opportunity to sport your grill in photos. If you’re not feeling especially wild, there are plenty of neutral colors that will emphasize your smile as well. 

    5. Be an Inspiration 

    How great will you feel in the center spotlight when you come back to your everyday life with new braces? Your classmates or colleagues will be inspired to look into their own orthodontic care when they see how well you’ve adjusted. Too many people are insecure about their smiles. You could be the inspiration for their own perfect smile.  

    Commit to yourself this summer. Get out of your comfort zone and face your fears. Your perfect smile is just around the corner. Call us today or request an appointment to get started!