• When Should your Orthodontic Treatment Begin?

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    Parents understand how important oral hygiene is when it comes to their children’s teeth and smiles.  For the most part, most understand that when an oral hygiene habit is introduced early in life, then their children are destined for a healthy mouth.  When the child needs braces, however, not every family understands how to promote proper care.  Additionally, the question arises: “when should my child’s orthodontic treatment begin?”  As the orthodontist Boise parents trust for their children’s smiles and braces, you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s learn about when you should start discussing braces for your child.

    Early Orthodontic Treatment Plans

    Traditionally, the majority of children who wear braces fall into their teen years.  However, seven years of age is the best number when it comes to starting the talk about braces.  Talk with your dentist early on if you have concerns about your child’s smile.  By the age of seven, our Boise orthodontist and staff recommends scheduling an orthodontic evaluation for your child.  Seven is recommended because at this point, your child’s first year molars have come in.  Additionally, many of the adult teeth will have come in.  Even when your child has a mix of baby and adult teeth, we can still identify problem areas such as bite issues and crowding.

    How Early Orthodontic Treatments Help your Child

    Early orthodontic treatment plans, in some cases, helps our Boise orthodontist to help with lower and upper dental arches.  They also reduce the potential of impacted teeth; eliminating a need for extractions.  Speech problems are addressed by early orthodontic treatments, as well.  Catching an orthodontic problem at an early age saves time and money down the road.

    When Does Treatment Begin?

    Keep in mind that an evaluation is only that.  By starting at age seven, we can keep an eye out for areas that may be problematic.  At your evaluation, we take a quick peek at your child’s bite, and look for changes as the months progress.  We may ask to only see you once or twice a year depending on what we see in X-Rays.

    The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

    Early treatment is a proactive approach that benefits your child’s smile and oral health in the long run.  Our plans help prevent teeth from overcrowding as new, permanent teeth come in.  The plans can also benefit your child’s well-being.  Studies have shown that early orthodontic treatment reduces the length of time your child needs to wear braces in their teen years.  By helping teeth grow into their right position early, there are fewer risks associated with oral health.

    Every mouth is different and their need unique.  Talk with our Boise orthodontist about your child’s oral health.  We work with our patients on an individual basis in order to develop a treatment plan customized to them.  Learn more about us on Facebook or give our office a call to schedule your appointment today.  We look forward to helping your children achieve healthy smiles.