• Your First Visit to the Orthodontist

  • Braces Boise Orthodontist

    If it is your first time to see our Boise orthodontist, you might be wary of what to expect.  More than likely you are coming to us because your dentist recommended braces or an orthodontic appliance.  You may also be visiting us to correct a bite problem or TMJ issue.  Regardless of the reason, know that you are in good hands.  As the orthodontist Boise families trust with their smiles, common orthodontia treatments, and braces, feel confident that your smile is in great hands. 

    The initial appointment

    The first time you visit our Boise orthodontist, expect to spend about 30 minutes or more with us.  We might take X-Rays, perform a visual exam, and spend time talking with you about your smile goals and oral health needs.  In some cases, we’ll also take a quick impression of your mouth.  This mold is used to help us with your treatment plan.  We want your first appointment to be relaxing and an open path of communication. 

    Questions to consider

    If you need a little help getting started with your questions, here is a list of common questions you might want to ask:

    • How long will my treatment last?
    • Are there payment plan options?
    • What should I do to minimize any pain or discomfort?
    • Should I start treatment now or wait?
    • What foods do I need to avoid?
    • What is the best way to clean my braces?
    • How often do I need to come in?

    Don’t be afraid to ask these questions before you or your child gets braces.  Our Boise orthodontist and staff are committed to you and happy to answer any questions before any work is performed.

    Once you’ve had your consultation with our team you can take the time you need to determine your next steps.  Call our office to discuss other questions you have and join us on Facebook to stay in the loop with the latest in orthodontia care.  We look forward to helping you create an amazing smile, one worthy of you.