• Fantastic Oral Hygiene and your Braces

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    It is quite easy to maintain a great oral hygiene routine with your braces when you practice a bit of patience a care.  Our Boise orthodontist understands that it may be frustrating to put extra effort into caring for your teeth with braces, but if you take care of your teeth now, we promise you’ll fall in love the end result.  As the trusted orthodontist Boise residents turn to for common treatment needs like braces, we’ve got your back.  A good oral hygiene routine for your mouth means a lifetime of beautiful smiles.  Today, let’s take a look at what you can do to keep your smile in great shape.

    Brushing your teeth

    There is nothing new about needing to brush your teeth two times every day.  However, when you wear braces, our Boise orthodontist recommends brushing after every meal.  Food that becomes stuck in between your brackets can make for awkward and embarrassing situations.  We suggest carrying a travel toothbrush with you so that when you are away from home you can wash away food stuck between your teeth.  Food forms bacteria when it sits on your teeth or happens to get stuck between your braces.  This, in turn, eats away at your enamel.  And believe us; it can be a setback in your oral treatment plan to fill a cavity when you wear braces.  If you can’t brush your teeth, excuse yourself to a restroom where you can at least swish with water and rinse your mouth out the best you can until you get home.  Brushing with braces is no different than how it was before your braces, just be a bit gentler so as to not break off your brackets.


    An important step in oral hygiene care is flossing.  We know that braces create obstacles when it’s time to floss; however, we can help.  Our Boise orthodontist suggests using dental picks, water flossers, or floss threaders.  These help the floss get under the wires and between your teeth and rid your mouth of dangerous cavity-forming bacteria.  Flossing removes plaque from between your teeth, as well, while simultaneously keeping your gums healthy.

    Dental Examinations

    In addition to flossing and brushing with braces, it is important to visit your regular dentist for a dental exam twice a year.  Your dentist provides preventative dentistry services that ensure your smile remains healthy and keeps your oral hygiene in good shape.  If you do happen to have a cavity, the dentist can work in conjunction with our established treatment plan so that your smile goals stay on track.   

    Thankfully, your braces will not be on forever.  Still, by taking good care of them now, you’ll be amazed at how fantastic your smile will look once they come off.  Call our Boise orthodontist office if you have questions about your oral hygiene routine or if you would like to better understand how to care for your braces.  We also hope you’ll join our Facebook page for additional topics regarding your braces.  We love watching your smiles when you see the finished product that months of dedication and care has produced.  Keep up the good work and know that you, too, will soon have an amazing smile.