• TMD or TMJ Boise: An Orthodontist’s Perspective

  • TMD Boise orthodontistIt’s common knowledge that our Boise orthodontist is known for creating beautiful smiles.  However, we also correct bite issues.  Often, a bite that isn’t properly aligned is a cause for TMJ pain or TMD.  Our goal with any patient is to eliminate the cause of their pain by finding a suitable treatment plan designed specifically for their situation.  If you suspect you have TMD, we invite you to call our office to see if we can resolve your pain.


    Do I have TMD?

    TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder.  This disorder or dysfunction comes about when you experience pain in your temporomandibular joints or TMJs.  The TMJ is the hinge-like joint that is located in front of your ear on both sides of your face.  It opens and closes the mouth by connecting the skull to the lower jaw.  When this area hurts, you likely are experiencing TMD as the TMJ is functioning improperly.


    Why would I have TMD?

    TMD is a result of any number of issues.  At our Boise orthodontist office, the majority of our TMD cases are due to a problem with a patient’s bite.  A protruding bite, or overbite, can put stress on the joints and cause the area to flare up.  The same holds true with an underbite.  Our team works with you and your dentist to determine what solution will best realign your bite so that the stress or pressure is evenly dispersed in a healthy manner.  Braces may help but you could also be a candidate for TMJ Surgery.  A temporomandibular joint surgery is an arthroscopic procedure where we can repair joint damage or correct a bite issue if braces aren’t the best option.


    Is TMD treatable?

    There are many options in treating TMD.  The goal of correcting TMD is to reduce pain and to protect the oral cavity.  A bite that isn’t in correct alignment causes premature wear and tear on your teeth and bones.  It can make speaking and chewing difficult and results in constant headaches, jaw pain, and even sleep apnea.  Treating your TMD is the best option, and our Boise orthodontist is the best choice for correcting this problem.


    Arthritis, genetics, illnesses, or even injuries can cause your TMJ to bother you.  Understanding the root of the problem is the first step in treating TMD.  Our Boise orthodontist uses X-Rays along with your oral health history and other evidence to determine what is causing your pain.  Then, a treatment plan is developed to get you on the road to recovery.  For more information regarding our services, visit our Facebook page or give our office a call.