• The Advantages of Adult Braces

  • Braces Boise orthodontistWe are a species of self-preservationists, always looking to improve.  From the newest options in technology, to finding simpler ways to accomplish a task, we are motivated to make changes, adopting and adapting along the way.  Ironically, the same approach does not always hold true for us when it comes to our own health.  As much as we are quick to welcome the latest phone or method, we are slow at adapting to new health regimens.  Yet, the benefits of improving our health are worth a look.  As a Boise orthodontist focusing on bettering oral health, let’s take a look at how braces can improve your life.


    Increased Confidence

    When our Boise orthodontist patients are in need of braces, most often the reasoning is to correct a bite problem or to have better tooth alignment.  Adolescents and teenagers most commonly fit into this category.  The result, once the patient’s teeth are straight, is a sense of greater confidence.  The effect is apparent with adults as well.  If you are not proud of your smile, you tend to hide it.  Braces are a great solution at any age to boost your confidence with a winning smile.  As an adult, this new confidence leads to less social anxiety and a great sense of self-worth.


    Nutritional Benefits

    It may not have crossed your mind, but if you have a bite that is off, or if your teeth are not in alignment, your nutrition can suffer.  Teeth should oppose their counterpart in order to provide proper chewing of food.  If your molars don’t touch because your bite isn’t right, food will not break down, thus affecting the nutritional properties of the food entering your system.  This can cause gastrointestinal problems.  Likewise, your teeth will continue to move to compensate for the uneven spacing, thereby creating even more problems damaging your teeth and bones.


    Better Oral Health

    When adult teeth are in alignment, it is easier to brush and floss away plaque.  This reduces the risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease.  Adults are much more likely to have gum disease than teens.  By eliminating this health risk, adults are also improving their overall health.  Periodontal disease leads to heart disease and strokes, and even high blood pressure.


    Adults are ideal Boise orthodontist patients when it comes to braces.  They recognize the rewards of straighter teeth and adhere to our treatment plans and orthodontia care.  They’re less likely to damage their braces; eating the right foods and utilizing proper brushing and flossing techniques.  And, adults understand the benefits of a healthier overall body and oral cavity.  To learn more, join us on Facebook, or call us today to set up a consultation to see if braces are right for you.