• Summer Treats and Braces

  • Healthy Foods Braces Boise orthodontistDuring the summer months, roadside stands and carts at the farmer’s market are overflowing with natural, nutritious goodness.  Yet, if you wear braces, the fresh produce and crispy, crunch vegetables may not be as easy to eat as they once were.  Our Boise orthodontist staff loves this time of year and the flavors that accompany the season as much as you do.  We want you to be able to tantalize your taste buds, but without the risk of damaging your brackets and wires.   So, to that end, let’s take a look at ways in which you can treat yourself to the tastes of summer.

    Fresh fruits

    Fresh fruits such as watermelon, ripe berries, and cherries are fantastic both for your oral health and body.  Watermelon is soft and easy to consume with or without braces, though your best option is to eat it in bite-sized chunks rather than as a wedge.  Berries can be cut as well or simply use your back molars to chew.  Sour and sweet cherries are prevalent during the summer; just avoid the pits.

    The task with eating any foods when you wear braces is to use your molars to do the work.  Biting foods with only your front teeth can weaken or break off brackets, thereby interrupting your summer break with a trip to our Boise orthodontist office for repairs.


    Veggies galore

    An abundance of vegetables grace our plates this time of year.  Fresh asparagus, crisp green beans, tomatoes, peppers, and squash are perfect for your health.  These items can be washed and prepared ahead of time and stored in your fridge for a go-to snack.  Their health properties aid in digestion, oral health, and strong bones and soft tissues.  The long list of available vegetables means constant variety.  Corn on the cob is another summertime favorite, but should be eaten with caution.  Cut it off the cob before consuming so as to protect your dental work.


    Healthy snacks

    Both fruits and vegetables are great alternatives to the sweets that prevail during the summer.  Sure, a s’more or ice cream treat is great once in a while, but should be chosen on a limited basis.  Talk with your family about healthy food options so they learn how to select snacks that benefit their health.  If your summer means you’re always on the go from one activity to another, simply prepare your snacks ahead of time.  This eliminates last minute unhealthy treats and protects your wallet.


    Our Boise orthodontist team is happy to talk with you about foods that won’t harm your braces.  Give us a call with your questions or visit our Facebook page for additional tips.  We want you to have the time to enjoy the season without the fear of hampering your oral treatment progress.  With a little education and temporary work-arounds, you’ll be able to indulge in the great flavors of summer and have a great smile at the same time.