• Do I Need to Wear a Mouthguard?

  • With spring in full swing, comes the rise of outdoor sports and activities.  Spring brings to mind golf leagues, tennis matches, soccer, and other less ‘high-impact’ sports.  Yet, it is important to look into whether you need a mouthguard or not.  As a Boise orthodontist in the area, we’ve seen many oral injuries from a number of sports.  Spring sports are no different.  Any patient, regardless of their age is more thoroughly protected when wearing a mouthguard.


    Types of Mouthguards

    Mouthguards fall into one of two categories.  They are either custom made by a dental professional or they are purchased at a sporting goods store.  Of the store-purchased mouthguards, you can either mold it to your own mouth at home, or use a generic mouthguard.  Read on for a more comprehensive description of each.

    In-stock Inventory Mouthguards

    Generic mouthguards are a one-size-fits-all.  What you see is what you get; yet, they do not form to your mouth.  These generic molds provide cushion and protection for your mouth, but lack adequate coverage should there be an unintentional collision or hit.  However, our Boise orthodontist patients may benefit the most from this product.  DIY mouthguards and custom-fit mouthguards are difficult for patients who wear braces.  Their bite and teeth are constantly changing while their teeth are being realigned.  These products protect the dental work and mouth from stray balls and unintentional impacts.  They reduce oral injuries and prevent bracket and wire damage.  If you participate in spring sports, talk with us at your next visit about your mouthguard options.

    Boil and Bite Mouthguards

    Mouthguards that are more of a do-it-yourself style are boiled in hot water and then inserted into the mouth to mold to your bite and mouth structure.  This is an inexpensive style that is perfect for the younger children who still have their baby teeth.  If you wear braces, talk with our Boise orthodontist before using this style.  It may not be right for your oral treatment plan.  The result of use could set you back in terms of your progression.  For those that do not wear braces, this is a decent style for protecting your teeth and gums from sport injuries.


    Custom-fit Mouthguards

    Our Boise orthodontist offers custom-made mouthguards to individuals who need or want the best protection.  A mouthguard is made from an impression we take of your mouth.  Thus, they can be fitted to the unique shape and structure of your mouth.  If your braces have recently come off, this is one of the best methods for preserving your beautiful smile.  These custom-made mouthguards give our patients the best protection.

    Mouthguards protect not only our teeth and bones, but they reduce the severity of concussions in many cases.  Additionally, if you grind your teeth during any type of activity, a mouthguard protects your teeth from unnecessary wear and tear.


    Add a mouthguard to your sporting equipment checklist as a ‘must-have’ and play without the worry of ruining your great smile.  Follow us on Facebook to learn more about the services we offer or reach out to our staff with any questions you may have.