• Dentists and Orthodontists: Who Should You See?

  • Orthodontist Oral HealthAll people in the dental profession share a common goal; to improve their patients’ oral health.  However, how they go about doing that, and their oral treatment plans vary based on their specialty as well as your unique situation.  Our Boise orthodontist generally deals with crowded or misaligned teeth, as well as bite issues.   Let’s take a look at how a dentist differs from an orthodontist and the similarities between the two.

    Do you need a dentist or an orthodontist?

    Dentists deal with a broad spectrum of issues that occur in the mouth.  Regular cleanings, oral care and education, and preventative dentistry are common in all dental offices.  Your teeth, jaw bones, and gums are their primary focus.  They ensure your oral cavity is in top shape.  Orthodontists, on the other hand focus primarily on what is needed to make your teeth straight.   They also make sure the alignment of your teeth is not causing problems with your bite.

    Every orthodontist completes dental school, as a dentist does.  Once they graduate from dental school, they then go on to additional schooling to complete their studies associated with their specialty.  Dentists typically move into a family practice once their school work is complete.  The majority of dentists use continuing education courses to add to their offered services.


    Working together

    Our Boise orthodontist works with dentists in the area to help patients get the smiles they deserve.  Your family dentist may notice a bite issue or misalignment through observation and x-rays.  Most likely, you’ll then be referred to our office.   Similarly, if our orthodontist notices an issue with your teeth or gums, he’ll encourage you to make an appointment to see your dentist.

    Both dentists and orthodontists in Boise, and throughout the country, encourage their patients to practice great oral hygiene.  For issues that deal with overbites, crossbites, underbites, and temporomandibular joint disorders, we recommend consulting with both your dentist and our Boise orthodontist.  There may be a difference in the approach and it is important to know your treatment options.

    Cosmetic dentistry

    This specialty area often deals with services aimed at making your smile the best it can be.  Dentists offer teeth whitening, bonds, veneers, and crown work along with other services.  These services get your individual teeth in good order.  An orthodontist takes those great looking teeth and takes it a step further.  Our Boise orthodontist uses equipment like braces, retainers, and head gears to align teeth into perfect form.


    The best way to determine what dental specialty is right for you is to start with a quick consultation with your dentist.  Ask to be referred to our office for additional information or simply give our office a call.  We all want you to have a great smile, and we’re happy to help you better understand how we work together to reach that goal.  For more information about our services, head over to our Facebook page.