• What are the Benefits of Wearing Braces?

  • Braces Boise OrthodontistFrom time to time in our Boise orthodontist office, we are asked about the benefits of braces.  Unfortunately, we all aren’t lucky enough to have a perfect smile, and braces are the best option to getting that beautiful smile that you deserve.  Understanding your oral treatment plan, designed uniquely for you, is the easiest place to start.


    The Benefit

    Straight teeth not only improve your smile and confidence, they are actually much easier to brush and clean.  Braces are for patients that not only have crooked teeth, but for people with bite problems as well.  A straight bite helps your teeth function properly and results in less emergency cases like a broken tooth.  Overbites and underbites can cause abnormal wear and tear on your teeth.  Braces work to bring your bite back into alignment so your teeth aren’t worn down prematurely.  Braces can also correct speech, in some cases.  Depending on the structure of one’s mouth, there may be an unwanted lisp or speech impediment caused by crooked teeth, a gap between teeth, or an overbite.


    The Process

    Dr. Miler, our Boise orthodontist, carefully maps out a treatment plan after a comprehensive evaluation.  With various types of braces and treatment plans available, we’ll find the perfect solution for your needs.  Metal braces will guide the teeth using brackets and wires while Invisalign braces are less noticeable but still very effective.  Other types of braces, ceramic braces for example, are available as well.  Follow up visits will ensure your teeth are moving in the right directions and that your braces are doing their job.


    The Result

    The end result of your dedication to wearing braces and following your Boise orthodontist team’s treatment plan is a gorgeous smile.  Your commitment to a healthy mouth has paid off and you’ll love your new smile.  Most likely, you’ll be fitted for retainers which will help keep your teeth and bones in their new place.  The importance of wearing retainers is to hold your teeth in their new position until the bones are less malleable.  The last thing you want is for your teeth to move back into their old position.


    The only job you have while working with our Boise orthodontist team is to care for your oral health and braces.  Continue to brush and floss regularly and use extra care to remove food particles from between your teeth and braces in order to avoid cavities.  If you have a retainer, you can gently brush it when you brush your own teeth; preferably twice a day or more.  If you have questions, our Frequently Asked Questions page may help provide answers.

    If you are ready to talk about how braces can benefit you and your smile, give us a call to set up your appointment.  We’re happy to offer a consult so you can understand your oral treatment plan.  Follow our Facebook page for current topics regarding your oral health and get excited about your new, healthy smile!