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  • Do I Need to Wear a Mouthguard?

    With spring in full swing, comes the rise of outdoor sports and activities.  Spring brings to mind golf leagues, tennis matches, soccer, and other less ‘high-impact’ sports.  Yet, it is important to look into whether you need a mouthguard or not.  As a Boise orthodontist in the area, we’ve [...]

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    Dentists and Orthodontists: Who Should You See?

    All people in the dental profession share a common goal; to improve their patients’ oral health.  However, how they go about doing that, and their oral treatment plans vary based on their specialty as well as your unique situation.  Our Boise orthodontist generally deals with crowded or [...]

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    Does Your Child Need Braces?

    In lieu of National Children’s Dental Health Month, it only seemed right to discuss the importance of oral health.  The majority of our Boise orthodontist patients are young adolescents and teenagers who are working towards their goals of straight teeth and a beautiful smile.  Yet, children are [...]

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